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Coaching - Level 2 Equine Canada Coach

Having coached for over 25 years, Linda Hauck has developed the expertise, skill and proficiency to empower you, the rider, and develop your knowledge base. Linda’s clear, resourceful and effective style is focused on encouraging you to develop your riding techniques to the point that you can continue training your horse in between sessions and keep moving forward toward your goals. From amateur to competitive rider, she will assess your strengths and develop a training program that will take you and your horse toward your goals be it pleasure riding, local shows or international venues. Linda's students are consistently in the ribbons!
You can ship in for an intensive learning session with her in Guelph, have her travel to work with you at your facility or coach you at a show - Linda has the experience and talent to help you get the most out of every opportunity.
Eventing Horse

Daelin Verkindt and Simply Ben Checkmate Intermediate

"This is Courtney Davis and Orion 49. When Courtney and Orion came to me for coaching Orion would rush his fences before, after and be quite unpredictable. Through a year of gridwork, patience, attention to the basics and "believing" in Orion's ability he had a stellar first year eventing in 2012 going from Entry to Training. Currently he is owned by Waylon Roberts."